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Sustainable living for all

Innovating to create more eco-friendly, water-wise, and long-lasting communities; that's a lot of hyphens to live up to.

Who we are

We are a team of fiercely passionate people on a mission to create healthier, more resilient communities. We aim to do this by designing and building new spaces, rehabilitating existing spaces, and infusing sustainable living practices into everything we do. By instilling community values into our spaces, we have set out to forge stronger connections between people, local economy, and surrounding environments. 
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Updates on Adams Street

Our team has started its journey by upgrading existing properties to be more energy efficient, eco-conscious, and impactful.

By partnering with energy specialists, eco-conscious contractors, and inclusive designers we are working to create a healthier space.

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Design for Impact

We ground our decisions in outcome-based design principles to create efficient and long-lasting spaces.
  • Gather, study, and utilize data to continually learn and improve
  • Leverage the skills, materials, and innovative ideas of the community
  • Encourage ecological rehabilitation by creating water-wise and localscaped spaces
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Educate for Change

A critical component of creating sustainable and resilient communities starts with increasing awareness of the benefits and criticality of sustainable living solutions.
  • Create meaningful and actionable content focusing on sustainability and resiliency
  • Promote products and services that encourage long-lasting sustainable living behaviors
  • Build tools to help community members to evaluate and improve their own spaces

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